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Represented by Kristy Cambron of Gardner Literary.

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  • 2021 ACFW Genesis Contest Winner (Historical)

  • 2020 ACFW MN N.I.C.E Writing Excellence Award

  • 2020 ACFW First Impressions Winner (Historical)


What he lived for made him an outlaw.

What he died for made him a legend.

A public notarius by day, and leader of a secret church by night, Valentine finds himself in a dilemma when the Roman Emperor Claudius II enacts a marriage ban to build an army of unattached men. Should he obey the Emperor and keep his head, or risk a charge of treason and continue to marry couples in secret? An unattached man himself, Valentine thinks he has nothing to lose in taking a stand; until he meets Iris, and struggles to ignore the growing attraction between them. 

Iris, the blind daughter of a Roman jailor, seeks healing from all the gods Rome has to offer. All, except the God of the treasonous Christians. When an encounter with Valentine leaves Iris in awe of the Christian God's power, she cannot help but believe. But as Christian persecution grows, she wrestles with how to trust a God who shows Himself powerful one moment yet seems unable to keep His followers out of peril the next. 

As their world grows dark and uncertain, Iris and Valentine must decide who they can trust.

Based on the life of Saint Valentine.


How Great a Chasm

  • 2022 ACFW Genesis Contest Semi-Finalist (Historical)

  • 2021 ACFW MN N.I.C.E. Writing Excellence Award

  • 2021 ACFW First Impressions Contest Winner (Historical)

Deeply divided and stranded hundreds of miles north of their intended destination,

One hundred city-dwellers must unite to battle a harsh wilderness. Only half survive.

1620. Heartbroken and humiliated when her expected fiancé suddenly marries her best friend, Lyddie Goodwin lowers herself to become an indentured servant and joins a group of hopeful Separatists bound for the New World. Though content with her new master and mistress, as time passes, Lyddie still longs for a husband and family of her own. Her dream of finding love seems within reach when Lyddie discovers she’s the only unwed woman on the voyage. But when Francis Eaton—the man who rejected her—also embarks with his wife and son, will Lyddie be able to overcome her hurt and extend forgiveness? Or will she jeopardize her future to ensure Francis’s mistakes follow him to the New World?

As Lyddie struggles with forgiveness, the venture is met with a devastating blow when winter storms strand the ship hundreds of miles north of its destination. Without aid from Jamestowne, the ill-equipped passengers battle with their differences as they struggle to build a colony of their own.  Lyddie expects hardship in the New World, but nothing prepares her for the difficulty of caring for Francis’s wife and son. When discord, illness, and death fray the fragile bonds of the colonists, Lyddie finds herself once again facing loss and rejection. 


Can Lyddie and Francis bridge their divides as they work to save the colony? Or will the chasms between destroy them all?

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